Yangchow Internment Camp

Yangchow Internment Camp
18/03/2016 Derek

These are some of my great-aunt’s photos of Yangchow camp.

She notes the duration of internment as starting on 13 March 1943 and lasting until 6 October 1945.  She was housed in Yangchow Camp “C”.

An interesting history of the camp can be found on Frank Waller’s website at http://www.haikufrank.co.uk/memories_of_yangchow.html

Some of these photos and more can be found on the Australian War Memorial website.

If you have information regarding these photos or would like high-resolution versions, please contact me.

As captioned by Frank Waller, House no. 2 (Government house) and house no. 3

Hospital, House #1, Camp C

House #2, Camp C

Possibly House #3, Camp C

As captioned by Frank Waller, House #4, reserved for families.

Internees at Yangchow Internment Camp

The Belgian Group

The Hospital

The Wash House

The Bakery

The Goatery

The Hospital & Kitchen

Captioned End of War in my great-aunt's photo album. Relief supplies parachuted into Yangchow camp at the end of World War II. In the background is Yangchow's city wall. Frank Waller's article suggests these drops began around mid-September of 1945.

Main Gate of the Yangchow Camp. Possibly after VJ Day.

Sometime after VJ Day, the raising of the Allied flags over Yangchow Camp.

A gathering of the internees, possibly after VJ Day.