Brother Thomas Bezanson

Brother Thomas Bezanson
10/04/2016 Derek

Brother Thomas Bezanson

From Creations in Clay, a book of essays and photographs of Brother Thomas Bezanson’s work:

For many years of my work as a potter I was concerned with learning the skills and technologies proper to the potter’s art.  I was focused on looking back to accomplishments of the past; I was open to those men and women who shaped the tradition of ceramic art.  They were my teachers, by necessity of my ignorance.

Then at some point in a time out of time they left me standing, so to speak, in a dark forest where their ability to guide me came to an end; there was no longer a path of the past to follow.  There were no paths at all, except the one I was called to make for myself if I did not want to be just another derivative, condemned to repeat the past, or bootleg from the present.

At this juncture I gradually became aware that my new teacher and best guide was my own work itself.  It led me into myself, into my own inner experience.

Porcelain vase with copper red glaze

Wintermoon (Vase)


Hexagonal platter

Jar with cover

Tea bowl