Plaster Bats for throwing

Plaster Bats for throwing
24/06/2017 Derek

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Throwing large pieces on plaster bats reduces cracking issues.


Using chamois leather to attach a plaster bat to the wheel

Large sheets of chamois leather for drying cars can be purchased online very cheaply.  Synthetic versions that I have tried do not work.


Cut a piece of chamois leather slightly larger than the wheelhead.

Soak leather in water and position on the wheel head.

Using a rib, scrape out water while the wheel slowly rotates.

The leather is now completely attached.

Pour a pool of water or thin slip on the leather

Dip the plaster bat in water for a few seconds.

Firmly place bat in the center of the wheel, wiggle until secure.

When finished throwing, pry off the bat using a flat tool.