• Seeing the cones

  • Qing Dynasty Test Tiles

  • Glazy open source ceramics recipe library

    I invite all of you to join Glazy, a ceramics recipe library that allows anyone to browse and add pottery recipes…

  • Glazy: Glaze recipes most used materials

    With the data stored in Glazy it is possible to visualize recipes using graphs and charts. In the future, these…

  • Orton Cone 10 Reduction Glaze Line Blends

  • Yaoli Village and Raonan Outdoor Ceramics Museum

    Yaoli Ancient Village (瑶里古镇) is a fairly well-known tourist destination located about 1 1/2 hours by car from Jingdezhen.

  • Digital Scales for Weighing Glazes

    After years of using simple balance scales to measure out glazes, I finally decided to invest in a better setup.

  • Under Pressure

  • Wanli Birds

  • Photographing Artwork

  • One ton

  • Simple Microscopy for Ceramics

  • An old Porcelain Stone Mine

  • Hutian Workshop

  • Triaxial testing

  • Tea Dust Glaze

  • Sanbao Porcelain Stone and Saggar Kiln

  • Ash Glazes

    An overview of basic ash glazes and synthetic ash recipes.

  • Cat nap

  • How I Make Glaze Test Tiles